\n Sophie's Cosmic Cafe (Kitsilano)

2095 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Try: the Spanish Omelette or Eggs Benedict or, or, or ... alright, just go back and try it all.

Sophie's Cosmic Cafe in Kits is one of those places that you can't help but keep going back to. I don't live in Kits, and I'm so not a bridge and tunnel girl, but I make the commute from Yaletown routinely in order to taste the sublime diet busting grease. Go Sophies!

Sophies, which is located on 4th Avenue (right before Arbutus) is usually packed to the brim. Mid day, mid week, & pouring rain? Expect a line! Fret not, they are open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the prices are fairly cheap.

The building sports a cute patio that looks right out onto 4th and is open, weather permitting. The small restaurant manages to pack in 65 seats and the walls, ceiling, shelves are packed to the hilt with knickknacks galore. It's extremely tacky, but in a homey kind of way. It's exactly the kind of eccentric spot you can't help but love.

And now, for the food. Well, it's damn good, especially when smothered with their special hot sauce (yes, you can buy a bottle to take home). And the portions are huge. I'm a tough judge on portions, as my eyes are always about a plus size bigger than my stomach, and I can safely assure you that you will NOT be disapointed. The coffee is fresh & free flowin' and the waitstaff are just as cute and quirky as the restaurant itself.

So, all I can really say is make the trek, whether it be five minutes or fifty. If you are looking for something a little lighter and grease free, they have some good diet friendly options. However, Sophie's is the kind of place that was made to break your diet. I say, indulge! Just walk it off with a window shoping stroll along 4th Avenue or a wander along the seawall a few blocks away.


sophie's cosmic cafe kitsAbove: Sophie's Cosmic Cafe, which is best known for it's greasy breakfasts, is open all day.

spoon eggs pancakes brunch cheapAbove: The coffee is pretty good, and they keep the refills coming!

sophies cosmic cafe kitsilano breakfastAbove: Tim poses with the big bottle of hot sauce. You can buy a bottle of this stuff to take home.

brunch greasy sophiesAbove: The decor is more quirky than 'cosmic' but it's perfectly diner.

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